A PJHL Ontario Jr. C Hockey Club


No team can exist without its many volunteers,

 The Bulldogs are no different!

This is a list of our volunteers for this season

Andy Friyia

Donna Smith

Sharron Corlett

Tracey Hopkins

Darren Johnson

Ed Thompson

Mike Herman

Rick Corlett

Bernie Johnstone

Dave Johnstone

Nancy Downer

Matt Johnson

Amiee Bloemendal

Doug Eaton

Tracy Moss

Matt Touchette

Lisa Tales

Jon Swatuk

Jim Arsenault 

Paul Hopkins

Tyler Coleman

Zack Weir

Dr. Kyle Peach

Dr. Andy Shin

Dr. Zachary Wilson

Trish Scott

Peter Geraci

Grace Hetherington

Kassy Howard

Elaine Stirk

Jack Irwin

We are very thankful for your time and assistance, You make our team!