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2023 Prospect Form

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Permission to Skate

Minor Hockey Permission (To Skate) Form

Players attending a Junior Team Tryout who are still age eligible to play at that level and where there is an AAA Minor Hockey Program Group, as part of the Minor Hockey Organization, to which the Player can return, or there is a Junior Team in the Player’s Home Centre, the Player requires a Permission To Skate Form from his Minor Hockey Organization and, as well, one from the Junior Team in his Home Centre (when is it applicable) to attend another Junior Team’s Try Out Camp (this section is not applicable teams in the Junior A category). Players attending a Junior Team Tryout Camp who are coming from Minor Hockey Organization(s) who are still age eligible to return to Minor Hockey and where there is not a Junior Team in their Home Centre Must have a Permission To Skate Form from their Minor Hockey Organization.
Note: regarding the above TWO scenarios

  • 15 Year olds with a Permission To Skate Form may attend a Junior A and B Tryout Camp
  • a 15 year old is not eligible for OHA Junior registration
  • a 15 year old may not participate at a Junior A and B camp after September 1st.

A player attending a Junior Team Try Out for a Junior Team at a higher category than the one for which he played in the previous year Does Not require the OHA Tryout Form. Players who were registered to a Junior Team in the previous year at the Junior B, C or D level and wish to attend an OHA Junior Team Try Out Camp at the B, C or D level, other than the one for which they played the previous season (i.e. Lateral Movement), require the OHA Tryout Form to be signed by the GM of the player’s previous Team.
Rationale: This is considered a lateral player transfer and without the appropriate Letter of Permission the team with which the player is skating could be charged with tampering.

2018 OHA Permission to Skate Form

2018 USAH Tryout Form

OHA Fee Form